Organization Transformation

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HR Consulting Services in India

Organizational Design

  • Org study and structure design: Study and evaluate where the organisation is. Streamline functions, job levels, and reporting relationships.
  • Team Alignment and Org Change workout: Align teams better through targeted workshops and deliveries. Improve interpersonal communication, psychological safety, and collaboration.
  • Role and hierarchy bifurcation: Evaluate the present org hierarchy and suggest potential changes.
  • Career path creation: Create individual contributor, subject matter expert, and people manager career paths and necessary drivers for the same.
  • Succession and Key role identification: Create retention, engagement, and succession plans for critical roles through talent assessment interventions.

Performance Management

  • Performance Management: Design of the overall performance management system and process.
  • Performance Philosophy Design: Design the philosophy – merit based / ROWE / High-performance / perform or perish.
  • Roll-out Training and Communication: Roll-out training and communication for the managers and team members.
  • Process, Forms and Structure Design: Evaluate the forms, virtual or physical, educating managers and teams on the same. Structure and frequency of performance appraisals and training on how to do feedbacks.
  • Change Management: Communication for change management and change management preparedness for managers and leaders.
  • OKRs vs Goals: Deciding the need for an OKR or KPI based system.

Training & Development

  • Training team build-out: Build the training team from an HR perspective. Build a pool of Master Trainers for the long-term success of the technical process
  • Training calendar set-up: Set up a periodic training calendar including external programs and internal programs.
  • Manager training program build-out: Build out a defining Manager 101 Training program for the first-line supervisors.
  • Foundation training for fresh hires: Creating a standard foundation training module for all freshers who join the team with the focus of reducing time between joining and hitting productivity.
  • Leadership Development.


  • Survey systems
  • Grievance redressal programs: Set up an employee grievance redressal system.
  • HRMS and Roll-out/training: Identify, shortlist and implement an HRMS system and the rollout communication and training for the same.
  • Employee communication channels.

Organization Development Interventions

Organization Development is a planned process of change in an organization’s culture through the utilization of behavioral science technologies, research, and theory.

Organization Development Intervention Cycle

Organization Health Diagnosis

Healthy organizations perform better. In healthy organizations, employees know where the organization is headed; understand how they fit into the strategy to get there; have the tools, capabilities, and motivation to execute; and are empowered to innovate and change.The objective is to provide:

  • A baseline of the organization’s health and the ability to track improvement.
  • Insights into what’s working and not working.
  • A road map for how to improve Organizational Health.

With the 7S Framework as the foundation, and through a process of 1:1 Interviews and Focus Group Discussions across different management levels, we diagnose the Current State of the Organization and, thereby, identify and design the Road Map for the Organization to grow and develop to an aspired Future State.

Our Credentials

  • Created detailed Job Descriptions and KRAs for key roles across functions for India’s fastest-growing Indian Global Pharmaceutical organization.
  • Revamped the Organisation Structure, HR Policies, and Performance Management System of a leading E-commerce Start-up to enhance their Employer Brand.
  • Led an integrated performance management system for a daycare hospital, from visioning and business strategy deliberations with the Promoters.
  • Conceptualized and deployed a robust career management framework for an Indian telecom tech firm leading to ~9% increased retention rates within the first year.
  • Project-managed a year-long engagement covering organization design, workforce planning and change management strategies for the clinical and non-clinical functions of a FIFA / JCI accredited sports specialty hospital in Qatar.
  • Designed and deployed processes, and methodology for talent offboarding and severance management in Retail, Manufacturing, and IT Industries.


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