“No one can make you inferior without your consent”

Eleanor Roosevelt, Former  First Lady  – USA

The stressed Indian man

According to the survey, Indians works more than 6x than a Britisher or and American in his life. We work for more than 45 hours a week which is higher than what other nationality people work for.

Also, as we are developing country our pay scale for these excruciating hours is minimum. Due to this factor, it leads to depression and the high risk of an increase in suicide rate which affects society.

On the other hands, employers face an increasing challenge of dealing with there employees who are depressed and may affect the productivity of the complete organization.

Our Approach in Modern Society

We are experts in behavioral analysis and psychological analysis. Our organization aims to create a process which deals with the various factors affecting stress for example Job insecurity, spousal issue, self-image, family issues etc. We have professional psychometric evaluation partners on board who helps the individual/organization to determine the root cause of the problem and tries to find a complete cure for the same.

For Whom?

Our Individual experts provide counselling for working mothers, individuals struggling with body issues, financial problems, students with unclear aim etc. We are also teamed up with professional psychiatrists to assist in the overall development of the individual and ensuring that the root cause of the problem is cured. We provide a holistic approach for your overall development with the custom made process. 


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