Importance of Skill Development in India

The importance of skill development in India has been cited as one of the most critical factors in job creation. India has a unique advantage in terms of demographics because more than 60% of its population is young. However, employability needs to be enhanced to reap the benefits of such a large workforce.

According to current statistics, only 10% of recent graduates are employable, and the remaining 90% lack the skills necessary for corporate employment. India’s GDP is expanding at a rapid rate of 6-8%, but job creation is not keeping up. When compared to its neighbors, India is a relatively young country. Around 28 million young people enter the workforce in India each year. The National Sample Survey Office found that India’s unemployment rate in 2018 hit a 45-year high of 6.1%, which was the highest it had ever been. The COVID pandemic has caused a massive slowdown in the nation’s economy.


What Advantages does India have from Skill Development?

Although the government has put in place several plans for skill development, these plans have not yielded the desired results in creating opportunities for skill development training in India.

These goals include:

  • Increasing proficiency
  • Expanding skill sets
  • Completing tasks in a shorter amount of time with more outcomes
  • Increasing performance level

They must emphasize programs for skill development and assist individuals in making use of their skills and knowledge.

Nowadays, everyone aspires to have a successful career, and to do so, the right skill development training is required. It emerges as an essential component of any individual’s professional life. To improve people’s overall expertise, skill development training should be required in India. To grow, they need proper direction and training programs. Communication, technology expertise, and other skills are essential for people to hold on to.

This can only be accomplished if they receive sufficient skill development training opportunities to grow and develop. It was discovered that many students were placed easily due to the importance of skill development at numerous universities. Today’s businesses have value-productive and effective employees. People can work efficiently and succeed in any endeavor with skill development. People may see a boost in their careers and have better chances of being promoted. In conclusion, skill development training in India is essential!


Significance of Technology in India: Project of Skill Development Training

Technology is crucial for expanding the India Initiative of skill development training. Innovation assists with characterizing standard preparation instruments for the applicants so that all tests and instructional exercises can be directed without any problem. Employment opportunities for young people must be combined with the primary objective of developing a skilled workforce. The fundamental issues causing unemployment in the nation will never be resolved without the necessary opportunities!


How is Skill Development Influencing India’s Future?

Skilled employees are more marketable and have more opportunities: In the current market, it is very important to be skilled so that you can be employed easily and have more opportunities. With the increase in technology, companies are looking for employees who can work with new software and are familiar with new processes.

Those employees who have undergone skill development can work with new technology and are productive. The government gives youth good opportunities based on their preferences and needs. The goal here is to make at least 70% of people employable. People are getting a better understanding of the potential of the skill training initiative through skill awareness programs, which also help to achieve more goals.

1. Professional Growth

A person’s proficiency in any given area is improved through skill development. Ability upgrades to construct the expert organization, better correspondence, use time effectively, and exchange abilities.

2. Developing Talent

Learning skills is something that can be done. Skill training helps people find, develop, and maintain their inherent talent in the field they want to work.

3. Less Number of Dropouts

Unemployment is one of India’s biggest problems. assisting students in processing the fundamental skills that today’s employers require and pointing them in the right direction for their careers is skill development.

4. Career Development Opportunities

Every person wants to have a successful career. The most crucial aspect of any successful career path is skill development. A person with skill is more adaptable, dependable, productive, and efficient in the job market, which expands career opportunities.



Throughout the past few years, the foundations for a skill development ecosystem that is efficient, effective, and long-lasting were laid; however, it is now time to build on them. India’s GDP is expected to rise from $2.7 trillion in 2019 to $5 trillion in 2025 and $8.4 trillion in 2030, according to a Bloomberg Economic article and its projections. How well we capitalize on this decade and how effectively we eliminate disruptions will determine whether or not we achieve it.

We must take advantage of this opportunity to rebuild ourselves with more vigor and critical thought. Although difficult, the task is not impossible. Resilience and determination always shorten the gap between a likely and a possible future. We can’t ignore the call to prepare our youth for the future!

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Copyright by Olive Green Consulting. All rights reserved.

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