Olive Green’s HR Transformation services help organisations develop overarching HR strategies aligned to business goals and address the factors affecting Human Capital Management to achieve continued growth and success.

Our industry expertise coupled with data and analytics, help HR teams design solutions focused on attracting & identifying the right talent, developing & engaging talent and rewarding & retaining talent.


Developing Sustainable
Talent Processes

  • Organisations are constantly in the process of reassessing the demand & supply of talent
  • While virtual connectivity is the new normal, it is not about simply transposing an existing Talent Management process to a new channel. The key here is to approach it by design rather than by default; therefore, requires a new way of engaging and interacting that needs to be carefully planned upfront
  • Organisations are considering the present time as an opportune moment to review, re-evaluate, and redesign talent processes.

REIMAGINING REWARDBased on Contribution and Skills

  • As we move partly towards an ‘entrepreneurial contract, rewards need to change. We believe that organisations will place a premium on contribution and reward people much more in line with that, rather than the job level.
  • Increased variable components, linking value created to rewards, and paying a premium for key skills will be very much the future direction.

GIG WORKINGGreater Talent Mix, Flex Arrangements

  • Organisations will have to leverage a variety of talent and embrace gig-working and flex arrangements at a larger scale – and the HR systems, processes and policies need to be flexible
  • Furthermore, we believe that given the complexity of these arrangements, these would have to be devolved to managers, and HR needs to craft systems to facilitate that.

CORE TO ENGAGING EMPPLOYEESSafety of Emotional & Psychological Health

  • Focus on holistic well-being will be a key enabler of having a highly productive workforce. Given the increasing levels of stress, organisations will also have to enhance the psychological safety of their teams, so that employees can be authentic.
  • These will mean a greater focus on the elements of culture in the teams, and the promoting enabling styles of managers. HR teams’ capabilities to manage these need to be built.

Increasing Use of Analytics & AI for Managerial Actions & Talent Management

  • Successful organisations will leverage the power of technology to help managers make the right talent decisions, by building the right analytics powered by AI. To be effective, these AI-powered analytics should enable decisions in the flow of work.
  • Performance management and talent management will be perfect areas for such objectives and data-based decisions.

Death of Generic JDs & Increasingly Personalised Jobs

  • Given the desire for employees to express their individuality and the variety of individualized deep skill sets, successful organisations will move to a flexible job structure.
  • By enriching roles to suit individuals, job crafting will need to be mainstream. More unique roles and a flat and flexible structure will be the future.

WE HELP CLIENTSOur Credentials

  • Created detailed Job Descriptions and KRAs for key roles across functions for India’s fastest growing Indian Global Pharmaceutical organisation.
  • Crafted a template for Appointment Letter for India’s industry leader in technology solutions in the OEM space.
  • Led an integrated performance management engagement for a day care hospital, from visioning and business strategy deliberations with the Promoters
  • Conceptualized and led the PMO for JK Organisation, India’s leading MNC, encompassing three independent manufacturing entities
  • Set up and institutionalized Extended Sales Performance Management for a telecom giant in 2005 across 4 states of South India. This intervention was critical in helping the client monopolize the Indian mobile phone market in mid 2000’s.
  • Conceptualized and deployed a robust career management framework for a Indian telecom tech firm leading to ~9% increased retention rates within the first year
  • Designed and deployed process, methodology for talent offboarding and severance management in Retail, Manufacturing and IT Industries


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Copyright by Olive Green Consulting. All rights reserved.

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