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Olive Green is a Management and HR Consulting firm specializing in providing hr consulting services for small businesses, corporates, and start-ups in India, Africa, Singapore, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the EU & USA.

Our core expertise lies in the following areas – Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Capability Building, Talent Assessments, HR Technology Implementation, Performance Management, Organisation Transformation, Organisation Design & Culture Building.

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April 2017

Olive Green Consulting Founded

Nikhil founded Olive Green Consulting with 2 verticals – Capability Building & Organisation Transformation. He formed partnerships formed with the top HR consulting firms.


April 2018

Human Capital Management Introduced

The strategy pivoted to focus on building a direct clientele. A third service – Human Capital Management – was introduced. Large corporates were the focus. BD talent was hired.

October 2018

Healthcare Consulting Firm Partnered

Partnered with a healthcare consulting firm for the hugely under-served Healthcare sector.

December 2018

Talent Acquisition Services Started

Started the Talent Acquisition Service with a small team.


March 2019

Number of Clients Growing

Present in the Healthcare, Media & BFSI sectors. Got into the talent assessment space with 4 partnerships.

April 2019

Expanded to Africa

Expanded into Africa. And got into tech hiring. Ventured into newer sectors with IT, FMCG, Hospitality & Manufacturing.

October 2019

Focused on non-TA

Identified the non-TA business as our main focus. A small team with a senior person was hired to lead Capability Building & Organisation Transformation.

December 2019

Closed Bajaj Finserv

Closed our 1st major deal with Bajaj Finserv at 42L.


March 2020

200+ Consultants Empanelled

We were in advanced discussions with 6 organisations for business worth over 50L. 500-plus consultants pan India were empanelled with us.

April 2020

Impact of Pandemic

The pandemic hit & our deals went south. Non-TA was deeply impacted.

May 2020

Pivoted the Business

Covid hiring of doctors & nurses ensured we stayed afloat. Quickly pivoted the business from large corps to start-ups as the latter were less impacted.

December 2020

HR Tech Going Big

With HR Tech going big, closed 2 big partnerships with Darwin Box & Oust Learning. This re-ignited the non-TA business for us.


March 2021

International Expansion

Brought back international expansion into focus. Forged a partnership with a Saudi firm.

April 2021

TA Business is Back

After 1.5 yrs., our TA business income is at 2x of expenses.

May 2021

Business Growing Fast

TA business is growing every month. Start-ups, HR Tech & international expansion are key focus areas. The Non-TA business is growing steadily and showing promise for the future.


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Copyright by Olive Green Consulting. All rights reserved.

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