“We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.’ – Aristotle

The purpose of the L&D function in an organisation is to build a workforce on skills that do not exist today and to run a business that you don’t run today. Today you can’t predict what you need for the future; therefore you can’t be prepared for it.Organisations should work towards the direction of creating a dynamic ecosystem and hence the need for a learning approach that focuses on holistic individual development.

Learning in a Virtual Environment
With an increased use of virtual platforms to deliver trainings and access to any learning at the click of a button, organisations are now moving to an ‘Anytime, Anywhere Learning’ Model
Gamification & Experiential Learning
Learning solutions are crafted by building in a lot of different elements like Role Plays, Videos, Theatre, Case studies, Group Discussions etc. thereby making learning programs more participant- centric with a lot of emphasis on ‘learning by doing’.
Reskilling and Upskilling: Optimising the Workforce
Organisations are continuously focusing on bridging the broadening skills gap and making the workforce ready for the future by aligning employee learning to life-long and continuous learning programs,
Shifting to an Era of Self-Directed Learning
With digital disruption happening in all the leading industries and companies opting for the digital workforce. It is easy for the learners to choose what they learn thereby making the individual the driver of his own learning road-map.

Our Methodology

Capability building methodology

Capability Building

Olive Green’s Capability Building Portfolio is a suite of highly standard and configurable programs which are experiential in nature – blended learning is our philosophy. We use context- based, experiential learning for highly collaborative, customized and business-relevant development journeys.Our key differentiator being our pool of Pan-India multi-lingual experienced facilitators, our end-to-end Program Management and Governance System and the Evaluation of Program Effectiveness through Connect Sessions and Stakeholder feedback.

Skills Development

Behavioral / Soft Skills

Our competence comes from our in-house experts who curate & deliver quality content based on industry-specific trends and client requirements. Experiential Learning is what we do – Role Plays, Videos, Theatre, Case studies, Group Discussions etc. Our skills development workshops are participant-centric with a lot of emphasis on ‘learning by doing’ in conjunction with PPT’s.

Techno-Functional Skills

Through our partnerships with leading technical & functional training academies, we offer our clients a wide range of technical and functional training programs, covering professionals from across sectors viz. Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, Media, FMCG etc., thereby meeting the needs of the modern techno-functional workforce, using blended learning and converting highly technical content into an engaging learning experience.


Coaching is the one of the most powerful development tools we use. Its objective is to support the individual to stay with the awareness that has been created through different mediums and move to the next levels of Change & Growth.Coaching can be done for various forms of development – Coaching for leadership, life, career, personal effectiveness, personal branding and wellness, amongst others, are some examples of what we do.For Coaching to be effective, it will need to happen over a minimum period of 6 months with 12 sessions – 1 session every fortnight.Coaching can be done one-on-one or in groups. The ideal group ratio is 1:3. It can be done either face-to-face or online. The efficacy of both is almost at par.


Research data shows that almost 42.5% corporate employees suffer from Chronic Stress while 1 in 5 people need psychological or psychiatric counselling.Most organisations have therefore, incorporated Counselling as a key focus area of their Employee Wellness Programs.With this growing need to foster a healthier & happier workforce, we provide personalized programs that are backed by research, and crafted from the years of experience in counselling that our experts bring in. We can provide this service to you at your workplace, home, online or any other way you prefer.Olive Green has an extensive network of In-house and empanelled Counsellors to provide you the happy and healthy organisation that you desire.

Virtual Learning University

Conceptualize, Design & Build a Virtual Learning University.A University with different departments providing employees the chance to up-skill and develop themselves in line with their career aspirations and organisation needs.Embed & Institutionalize Learning in to the Organisation Culture through periodic Marketing & Communication reinforcement mechanisms.We possess the scale to build and operate your Learning Academy on a yearly basis. And, the ability to conduct a Training Need Identification org-wide and deploy Trainers to deliver workshops on behavioral training throughout the year.

Assessment Development Centers

Our Assessment & Development Center (ADC) caters to all your business needs:

  • Identification of High Potentials
  • Leadership Hiring
  • Succession Planning
  • Training Needs Identification
  • Leadership Development

We conduct ADC’s for Trainees, Managers and Leaders, all the way up to Senior Management.Our in-house assessors provide Objective Assessments and a Comprehensive Evaluation of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Quotients of an individual to help the organisation take the right talent decisions for itself.Our USP is that we conduct ADC’s on the lines of the Armed Forces i.e. tough, deep and holistic. Beyond offline and online Centre’s, we also do ADC’s in the Outdoors. This is our specialty and a service that our Clients find extremely effective.

Campus Recruitement
& Development Program

Olive Green is your preferred partner to attract, recruit and retain top talent across Indian graduate and postgraduate colleges to position your organisation as an ‘Employer of Choice’.

With our network of Tier 1, 2 and 3 colleges across the country, we give you access to the talent of your choice.

We can deliver 5 types of Campus Hiring Programs – Management Trainees, Graduate Engineer Trainees, Graduate Trainees, Creative Trainees & Bulk Campus Hiring.

We can, both, hire and develop Trainees for you. From Campus Branding and Hiring & Selection to On-boarding, Training and Confirmation, we can manage the entire process for you end-to-end as your One Stop Shop Campus Partner

Online and Offline, we can run the program both ways, in your context and customized to your needs.

campus recruitment

Managerial Effectiveness Program

The Managerial Effectiveness Program (MEP) is not a training program, but an intervention at a systemic level. The aim is to:

  • Have a better Role Fit: Every person, aiming for a managerial role, will be assessed before being promoted. Thereby, ensuring the right person for the right job.
  • Increase Employee Engagement: Engaged employees will delight their customers, thereby, resulting in greater organization performance and increased shareholder value.
  • Culture-Building: Build the right culture – Aligned to the organization’s vision, mission and values with Managers creating the right conditions for the right talent to come in and perform at their best. Managers will act as Change Agents to propagate the philosophy of ‘Self as the instrument of Change’ across the organization.

Key Features of the Program include:

  • Detailed Diagnosis and Customised Program Design
  • Program Delivery through experiential learning workshops, wherein we build in a lot of different elements like Role Plays, Videos, Theatre, Group Discussions etc. A lot of emphasis is laid on learning by doing with PPTs used as minimally as possible.
  • Program Support: Virtual Connects, end to end Project Management, Project Governance and Control Awareness and Change Mechanism
  • Program Evaluation through feedback from participants & managers post the workshops on a 30-60-90 day basis.


  • Managerial Effectiveness deployed an Off-Roll to On-Roll program on Managerial and Sales Effectiveness for 400 Sales Personnel from India’s leading NBFC, headquartered in Pune. We delivered 6, 3-day workshops month-on-month, Pan India, and have another 800 Personnel to cover the Sales, Collections, and Operations Functions.
  • Training Need Identification & Annual Training Calendar: For a leading Healthcare MNC headquartered in Bangalore, we are managing their Annual Training Calendar consisting of 100-plus Behavioral & Soft Skills workshops for 3000 Clinical and Non- Clinical Staff Pan India, in 11 hospitals across 7 locations.
  • Outdoor & Experiential Learning: Conducted the ‘Campus to Corporate’ program for the Management and Graduate Engineer Trainees of one of India’s fastest-growing startups and Unicorns, over the course of FY 2020, with the objective of developing their personal and professional skills and equipping them to be Job-ready.
  • Competency Modelling: We designed the Technical Competency Framework for the world’s largest Zinc-manufacturing firm, based in Rajasthan, for their Contract Staff and Junior Management Cadre, for 100 plus key roles covering 13000 Staff in the Production and Mining set-ups.
  • Counseling: We implemented a Career Counselling Program for the 3rd and 4th-year students of one of India’s top Engineering Colleges (IIT) with the objective of getting them ready for summer internships and final placements.

Program Diagnostics & Workshop Delivery for First Time Manager Program for India’s leading NBFC

Outdoor Learning – A Few Glimpses of Our Pan India Programs


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