capability Building

 “An organization ability to learn, and translate that learning in to action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage”

By Jack Welsh, Former CEO – General Electric 








Olive Green’s Capability Building Portfolio is a suite of highly standard and configurable programs which are experiential in nature – blended learning is our philosophy. We use context-based, experiential learning for highly collaborative, customized and business-relevant development journeys. Our key differentiator being end-to-end Program Management, efficient Governance system and evaluation of Program Effectiveness through Connect Sessions and Stakeholder feedback.


  • Training Need Identification & Annual Learning Calendar 
  • Behavioural & Soft Skills Training
  • Outdoor Training 
  • Content Creation & Instructional Design 
  • Learning University & Leadership Academy 
  • Assessment-Development Centres 
  • Campus Recruitment & Development 
  • Counselling 
  • Coaching



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