Our philosophy

Enable COMMUNITIES, ORGANIZATIONS, TEAMS & INDIVIDUALS to access their inner potential to maximize their outer performance. Thereby, become a better version tomorrow of what they are today.

the genesis

The Indian Army is the largest organization in India with 14 Lakh personnel. Pan-India, its HR processes – hiring, on-boarding, training, promotions, hipotential identification and development & succession planning – work seamlessly and efficiently, thereby making it the high-performing organization that Indian society respects and admires. 29% of American management research, thought and practice has been influenced by their Armed Forces.

 The figure for India is an astonishingly low 0.8%. We, at Olive Green Consulting, are inspired by the Armed Forces. This knowledge, in combination with our experience of and skill-sets acquired in the corporate world across different domains and industries, serves up a unique offering of solutions for you. It is an alternate perspective, our view of the world shaped by our experiences and what, we believe, are the Competencies required to be Future-Ready. There’s a whole new world of new experiences and opportunities out there. We are opening a window for you in to this world.


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